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AZBB Personal Training Tempe and Mesa
No. You only pay for your training sessions.

We have packages cheap as $25 a session, but there are many packages so please choose the package that fits your budget.

You do not need any equipment. Our trainers will provide all the equipment necessary to give you a complete workout.
No. My diet uses 5-6 small meals a day to stimulate your metabolism and optimize lean muscle tissue and minimize fat tissue. The exact composition of the diet depends on your metabolism and body type. My customize diets do not fall into any kind of fad diets. Everybody is different and every diet is different.
Nope. To lose fat, your body must be under considerable duress: the diet actually enables your body to lose fat and weight, the exercise and cardio actually burns it. Without following my diet, your body cannot burn fat and lose weight.
Because you will get a $20 trainer. You would not want a $20 doctor or attorney would you? Quality and knowledge cost more and it's always worth it in the end.

80% of our clients went that route first and have gotten to this point of my website and dont see the difference between them and us, I am a bit at a loss. I will refer you to my testimonials, google reviews, and before and after pics. Now back to the Trainer question. Lets talk about large chain gyms like LA Fitness, Mountainside Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, etc.. These gyms only allow trainers that work for them to practice on their floor. That means you purchase sessions from the gym, the gym pays the trainer. Regardless how much you pay the gym for sessions, the trainers on average make about $15-$25 per session depending on the company and trainers experience. Thus, you are getting the attention of a $15-$20 trainer. The gym keeps the rest of the fee. By the way, most of these outfits are selling you 30 min sessions for that price and acting like it's a real training session. See Below.

That's simply not enough time or work to change a body or create significant fat loss. If you do, you will be calling me later anyway. Once again, workouts alone will not change your body. You need diet, resistance training, and cardiovascular training. Anyone who makes it sound easy is out to take your money and does not care if you get results.
All our trainers are Nationally certified personal trainers and have well over 10,000 hours of training under their belt.
Yes. You have to notify us that you will not make your appointment 24-hours in advance or your session will be charged. This is an appointment based company just like your doctor appointment or dentist appointment. We have to fill your appointment with someone else if you will not be attending that day.


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