Semi-Private Personal Training

Inspires top performance in a friendly, welcoming small fitness environment. Participants team up to reap the benefits of variety, camaraderie and accountability while surpassing their individual fitness goals. The small-group setting allows our professional trainers to incorporate maximum flexibility and choice into workouts, yet tailor-fit exercises to individual needs and preferences. Sessions serve up the positive energy of a supportive community, and the expertise of our amazing staff in an affordable, fun and highly effective setting. Maximum session size is 5 clients to ensure you an excellent workout!

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It's For Everyone

Semi-Private Training is for men and women of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness abilities. Everyone is encouraged to do their best. We all need to exercise, so you mine as well be outside having fun with cool people and laughing instead of being bored to death in the gym. Remember you don't have to be in shape to join, because no one gets left behind and there are no crew cuts required! Everyone is welcomed!

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Convenient Location

AZ Semi-Private Training is a fun, well designed fitness program held both inside and outside of

AZ Bodybuilding Studio in Tempe, AZ. 2103 E Cedar Street, Tempe AZ 85281

For Everyone

You don't have to be in shape to come to AZ Semi-Private Training - getting you in shape is our job! You do have to bring a good attitude and a willingness to try your best!

Fun & Challenging

We try to make the workouts fun and challenging at the same time. The more effort you put into the class, the more results you will get out of it.


During the Semi-Private Training, all recruits will be doing stretches, weightlifting, calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups, flutter kicks lunges), military style drills, strength workouts using dumbbells, medicine balls, circuit training, running drills, obstacle courses and whatever other surprises we have in store for that day.

Developed by us!

All workouts are developed by AZ Certified Personal Trainers.

Great Experience

By the end of your 4-week adventure you will feel great, look great and have made new friends who will have gone through the same body changing experience you have. You will also have learned a lot about how to change your eating to lose weight faster than you ever have before!


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