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Our Studio

When you come to our professional studio you'll see we offer the equipment and trainers to give you Results! * We make sure to not only show you how to exercise, we ensure it's a safe, enjoyable experience.

Customized Personal Training

We customize the personal training specifically to you! We specialize our training to accomodate younger, older and any stage of training you might be in including your first trip to the gym or Professional Bodybuilder.

AZBB Tempe Personal Training Staff

Our Trainers

One of the most important things you can do when training is get a personal trainer that will give you the training, knowledge and motivation to achieve your goals. Most of our clients show up skeptical having used trainers at their large gym, paid lots of money with little results. They are shocked when they get more out of one month than they could get in a year at other gyms!

Flexible Schedules

We offer flexible times throughout the week to make sure times work best for you

Document your changes

Because we document where you start, your goals and progress along the way you can continue to see change as you go

Learn exercises

Learn how to properly perform exercises to maximize results and minimize risks of injury

Caring Trainers

Our trainers know that your life outside the gym impacts you inside the gym. We take the time to find out what those impacts are so we can make the right recommendations in your training


One of the biggest things people want are results! You'll see them quick as look in the mirror and witness the transformation that will happen in front of your eyes!


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